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Matcha tea ( Matcha dealers)

Crafted with precision, our ceremonial matcha range embodies the distilled expertise of our master tea blenders and generations of dedicated farmers. Sourced from the virgin leaves of shade-grown tea-trees during the initial harvest, this exceptional collection yields matcha grades that stand as a testament to the sophistication and expansive flavor profile, rivaling the nuanced characteristics found in fine wines.

Ideal for diverse brewing methods, our ceremonial ranges shine whether enjoyed on their own, with warm or ice-cold water, or subtly enhanced with small amounts of milk. The ascending grades promise a journey of sensory delight, evolving from sweetness to diminished bitterness, culminating in a luxuriously umami-rich experience.

Venturing beyond the ceremonial realm, our culinary matcha grade emerges as the preferred choice for discerning baristas, chefs, pâtissiers, chocolatiers, and food artisans. Tailored for use in both beverages and dessert recipes, this matcha variety boasts a vibrant green hue, a harmoniously mellow umami, and the robust intensity needed to assert itself amidst a myriad of complementary ingredients.

Versatile in application, our culinary matcha is a key ingredient in a wide array of creations – from indulgent matcha lattes, cappuccinos, and frappés to the realms of ice cream, chocolate, fresh or raw desserts, and the world of baked sweets, bread, and pastries. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse culinary endeavors ensures that every creation is infused with the distinctive essence of quality and refinement.