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About us


‘The Way of Tea’ is the intriguing name of the online shop of biological Chinese teas provided by the Antwerp-based company Biochi Fine Tea Lounge, which opened in September 2017.

It is by travelling through China, time after time, that Jef Janssen, the founder of both the company and the online shop, discovered himself a passion for tea, that is: for the immense diversity of teas and the complexity of their flavours and for the painstaking process of turning the little leafs into a pleasure for the tongue. However, his passion reaches for beyond tea and taste: it’s all about the Chinese culture and way of life being his inspiration, as you can see and even feel in his shop (Lange Koepoortstraat 43, B-2000 Antwerp).

This shop being also a tearoom, it is the ideal place to sit down and to come to yourself by enjoying one or several of the exquisite teas prepared for you in the traditional way.