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Yunnan black small leaf 2023

Yunnan black small leaf 2023

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Explore the allure of Yunnan Black Tea—a tea that transforms into a radiant golden elixir during its unique manufacturing process. This distinct black tea promises a journey of simultaneous re-energization and relaxation, offering a full-bodied, smooth character that delights whether enjoyed hot or iced.

Distinguished by its low tannin content and enriched with complex brown sugar undertones, Yunnan Black Tea captivates with a soft, mellow taste and a touch of sweetness. The fragrance carries hints of exotic flowers native to Yunnan, while the bright orange soup color adds visual vibrancy to this extraordinary tea.

Sourced from Nanping Town, Simao District, Puer City, Yunnan, let Yunnan Black Tea transport you to a world of soothing flavors and enchanting aromas—a tea that embodies a perfect balance of relaxation and revitalization.