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Wuyi Rocky Oolong wordt vervangen door Shui Xian 2021

Wuyi Rocky Oolong wordt vervangen door Shui Xian 2021

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Origin: Rocky Oolong tea, often referred to as "Rock Tea" or "Yancha," originates from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, China. Its name comes from the rocky terrain where the tea bushes are grown.

Flavor Profile: Rocky Oolong tea offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Mineral Notes: This tea often carries mineral-rich undertones, influenced by the rocky soil where the tea bushes thrive.

  2. Roasted Aroma and Taste: Rocky Oolong is typically roasted during processing, resulting in a warm and roasted aroma and taste.

  3. Orchid-like Aroma: Some varieties of Rocky Oolong exhibit a floral and orchid-like aroma that adds elegance to the tea.

  4. Mellowed Astringency: The roasting process often mellows the astringency, providing a smooth and well-balanced cup.

  5. Subtle Fruity Nuances: Depending on the specific tea and processing, there might be hints of subtle fruitiness.

  6. Long-Lasting Finish: Rocky Oolong is known for leaving a long-lasting and pleasant finish on the palate.

Rocky Oolong's unique characteristics are influenced by both the rocky terroir of the Wuyi Mountains and the traditional roasting process. Its mineral-rich flavor, combined with roasted notes, floral hints, and a mellowed profile, creates a captivating tea experience that is cherished by oolong enthusiasts.