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White pioen 2017 Fuding

White pioen 2017 Fuding

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Origin: Bai Mu Dan, also known as White Peony tea, originates from the Fujian province in China. It is a type of white tea made from young leaves and unopened buds of the tea plant.

Flavor Profile: Bai Mu Dan tea offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Delicate Floral Notes: This tea often presents a subtle and delicate floral aroma and taste, similar to blooming flowers.

  2. Mild Sweetness: Bai Mu Dan carries a gentle natural sweetness that enhances its overall flavor.

  3. Light Grassy Undertones: Some varieties may have subtle grassy or vegetal undertones, contributing to its complexity.

  4. Crisp and Clean: The tea's taste is often described as crisp and clean, with a refreshing and light character.

  5. Subtle Fruity Nuances: Depending on the processing and tea leaves, there might be hints of mild fruitiness, such as melon or peach.

  6. Smooth Texture: Bai Mu Dan is known for its smooth and soothing texture on the palate.

Bai Mu Dan's unique preparation, which includes both leaves and buds, contributes to its delicate and nuanced flavor profile. Its combination of floral elegance, mild sweetness, and gentle grassy undertones makes Bai Mu Dan a sought-after choice among white tea enthusiasts, offering a serene and refreshing tea-drinking experience.