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Raw Pu'erh Wulian 150Y

Raw Pu'erh Wulian 150Y

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Origin: Raw Puerh tea, also known as Sheng Puerh or Green Puerh, originates from the ancient tea trees of Wuliang Mountain in Yunnan province, China. With a harvest year of 2021 and trees approximately 150 years old, this tea showcases sweet and fruity notes alongside its unique character.

Flavor Profile: Raw Puerh tea from the 2021 harvest on Wuliang Mountain, derived from 150-year-old tea trees, offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Ancient Tree Influence: The tea's flavor is enriched by the influence of the 150-year-old tea trees, infusing the leaves with depth and complexity.

  2. Vibrancy of Youth: With the 2021 harvest, the tea encapsulates the vibrancy and energy of the current season's growth.

  3. Sweet and Fruity Notes: The tea boasts prominent sweet and fruity undertones that provide a delightful and enticing flavor profile.

  4. Balanced Astringency: Depending on the specific tea processing and tree age, there might be a balanced astringency that adds structure without overpowering the flavors.

  5. Floral Nuances: The ancient trees' leaves may also contribute subtle floral hints, further enhancing the overall taste experience.

  6. Aging Potential: Given the tea's origin and the age of the trees, it holds the potential to develop even more complex and captivating flavors as it matures over time.

  7. Matured Earthiness: Over the years, the tea might evolve into a profile with matured earthy notes, showcasing the essence of Wuliang Mountain's terroir.

The combination of the 2021 harvest, the remarkable influence of 150-year-old tea trees, and the unique terroir of Wuliang Mountain results in a Raw Puerh tea that promises both immediate satisfaction with its sweet and fruity notes and the anticipation of future complexities through aging.