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Lu'an gua pian 2022 out off stock

Lu'an gua pian 2022 out off stock

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Origin: Luan Gua Pian tea, also known as Lu'an Melon Seed tea, originates from Lu'an County in Anhui province, China. It is renowned for its distinctive appearance and unique flavor.

Flavor Profile: Luan Gua Pian tea offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Nutty Refreshment: This tea boasts a prominent nutty taste, often compared to toasted sunflower seeds or chestnuts.

  2. Grassy Undertones: Luan Gua Pian can have grassy and vegetal undertones that provide a refreshing and crisp quality.

  3. Umami Notes: Depending on the processing, there might be umami-rich elements that add depth to the flavor.

  4. Delicate Bitterness: The tea may have a delicate bitterness that is balanced by its other flavors.

  5. Slight Floral Accent: Some varieties of Luan Gua Pian feature subtle floral hints, enhancing its complexity.

  6. Clean and Lingering Finish: It often leaves a clean and satisfying finish, inviting another sip.

Luan Gua Pian's unique leaf style, resembling melon seeds, is a distinguishing feature. Its combination of nuttiness, grassy freshness, and potential floral accents, along with a hint of bitterness, has made it a cherished and sought-after green tea variety for tea enthusiasts.