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Keemun Premium

Keemun Premium

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Origin: Keemun tea originates from the Qimen County region in the Anhui province of China. It is one of the oldest and most esteemed black tea varieties from China.

Flavor Profile: Keemun tea has a unique flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Fruity and Floral Notes: Keemun often carries subtle fruity and floral tones, such as hints of plums, apricots, and roses.

  2. Sweetness: This tea can exhibit a natural sweetness that enriches the tasting experience.

  3. Earthy Depth: Keemun often features a deep, earthy undertone that adds to its complexity.

  4. Slight Smoky Nuances: At times, there might be slight smoky and woody nuances, adding an interesting dimension to the flavor.

  5. Medium to Full Body: Keemun tea usually boasts a medium to full body, making it a satisfying and robust cup of tea.

  6. Mildness: In comparison to some other black tea varieties, Keemun often has a gentler and less bitter taste.