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Green jasmine Pearl 2023

Green jasmine Pearl 2023

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Origin: Jasmine Pearl tea, also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea, originates from China. It is a type of scented tea where young tea leaves are hand-rolled into small pearls and infused with the aroma of jasmine flowers.

Flavor Profile: Jasmine Pearl tea offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by:

  1. Floral Aroma: This tea is renowned for its captivating jasmine aroma, which is absorbed during the scenting process.

  2. Delicate Jasmine Taste: The tea leaves carry a delicate jasmine flavor that complements the underlying tea base.

  3. Subtle Sweetness: Jasmine Pearl often has a subtle natural sweetness that harmonizes the floral notes.

  4. Light Astringency: Depending on the specific batch, there might be a gentle astringency that adds structure to the tea's taste.

  5. Smooth Texture: The rolled pearls unfurl during steeping, releasing a smooth and pleasant texture.

  6. Clean Finish: Jasmine Pearl typically leaves a clean and refreshing finish on the palate.

Jasmine Pearl tea's unique production method combines the essence of jasmine flowers with the tea leaves, resulting in a delicate yet aromatic cup. Its floral aroma, gentle sweetness, and smooth texture make it a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts, offering a fragrant and soothing tea experience.